Like a seal

Bales which are optimally closed due to the sealing effect. Smooth, overlapping edges prevent water from creeping in between the layers of film.

Better bale handling

No annoying stickiness any longer. The special, gliding surface makes handling of the bales easier.

Less residue on the advance unit

The new, one-sided gluing system reduces residue on your advance unit and therefore allows for perfect pre-stretching.

Optimal flow

The excellent flow characteristics provide for trouble-free processing even under extreme conditions (moisture, temperature, bale size, bale shape).

Greater yield

The optimized stretch performance guarantees an especially high yield.

Oxygen barrier

The special production using a blowing process with selected types of raw materials lends the film its imperviousness to oxygen.

Product information

For further information please download here the pdf-file [ pdf / 1,6 MB ]