Unterland Pegasus


Greater strength

Hard straws can penetrate the wrapping film. Pegasus is significantly stronger and can therefore bend hard straws downwards during the wrapping process.

Greater resistance to penetration

The straw stubble left in the field can puncture the film when the bales are laid on the ground. Pegasus is significantly stronger, and therefore prevents the wrapped bales from being penetrated.

Adheres better

Silage bales with horse fodder cannot be pressed in the usual manner, and that is why much oxygen is pressed into the bales. Pegasus adheres better which prevents additional oxygen from entering them.

Our tip

Do not wrap your bales of silage for horses in dark colors. The strong thermal expansion of the bales encourages the production of condensation underneath the film. The unpleasant result is mould!

Product information

For further information please download here the pdf-file [ pdf / 2 MB ]